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Grease - Danny Zuko

The Booth Theater

"The energy behind the acting is impressive...Quinten Busey is a strong lead as bad boy Danny Zuko. (It certainly helps that he bears a resemblance to John Travolta in his early days.) I could certainly see him trying to keep him rag tag pack of line through their various antics."

-Gay Ogunquit


Dancers Of New York

James Jin Images

"When things are bad, it’s not your fault. You don’t have to be in a bad mood everyday. You can do things. You can read inspirational articles. You can go on YouTube, which has a plethora of videos that can inspire you. What I do is: During an audition season, every Tuesday there was an audition, and I would go to Chipotle. That always makes me happy." 

- Quinten Busey

   175 Street Station 


JCS - King Herod

Snug Harbor Music Hall

Snug Harbor Music Hall

"Quinten Busey (Herod) by far had the most stage presence of anyone in this production. He tackled the licentious character with a fearlessness that very few young actors possess. He not only had a seasoned hold on the material, but Busey's undeniable spirit on stage is just purely exciting to watch. I believe we can be expecting great things from Busey in the near future."

-Susanna Gooch, Wagnerian columnist

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